About Slonshal!

Slonshal! is a greeting in the Tanu language from the Pliocene Epoch books of Julian May – the story of human exiles from the future trapped in a distant past – they walked into a war between the Elf-like Tanu and the Dwarf/Goblin Firvulag.

The Pliocene Companion explanation of Slonshal is eloquent but misses the mark a little for me – “Hail” or “Your health” doesn’t quite capture the fierce joy of it. In the books of my memory it is used more as “good game!”, “nailed it!”, or “we got them!”.

This brings us to what I had in mind for this blog and its accompanying YouTube channel – talking about the joys (or otherwise) of modern MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). I don’t have an agenda to push, I am not important enough to attract sponsorship, and doubt that it will ever generate ad revenue worth the effort, so it is just me.